Dungeons of Rune

Dungeons of Rune is a First Person Dungeon Crawler built for the touch screen. Explore the dungeons in search of the Treasure of Rune. Solve puzzles, avoid traps, find loot and defeat menacing enemies with an innovative attack and spell system.

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iOS App Store version coming soon

Immersive Touch Controls

Swipe to attack
Swipe across enemies to attack with your sword.
Tap to interact
Tap on levers, barrels, orbs, statues and more to interact with them.
Move controls
Grid-based movement feels fluid with on-screen controls.

Tricky Adversaries

Watch out for spiders, rats, wolves, skeletons, gargoyles, bats and mummies. More coming soon™.

Spiders crawl on the walls and the ceiling.
Skeletons block your attacks with their shield.
Bats carry explosive barrels so be careful where you swipe!

Innovative Spell and Upgrade System

Scour the dungeons for gold and buy runes of five different elements.
Spells and Upgrades
Combine runes to discover spells or use them to upgrade your stats.
Spell Casting
Cast up to 15 different spells such as summoning allies, ice bolts, earthquakes and treasure hunters.

Available on the Play Store / Coming soon to the iOS App Store

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